Oysters and Other Marine Shells from Excavations at the Old Methodist Chapel and Greyhound Yard, Dorchester

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the oyster and other marine mollusc shells report for excavations at Greyhound Yard in Dorchester, England.

Winder, J. M. (1993) Oyster and other marine mollusc shells, in Excavations at the Old Methodist Church and Greyhound Yard Dorchester, 1982-1984, (eds. P. J. Woodward, S. M. Davies and A. Graham), Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Monograph Series Number 12, Series Editor J. Draper, pp 347 -348.

Permission to use this published report has kindly been granted by Dorset County Museum where it is possible to purchase copies of the full publication.


About winderjssc

I have a background in ecological studies in both the museum and the research laboratory. I'm passionate about the natural world right on my doorstep and enthusiastic about capturing what I see through photography, wanting to open the eyes of everyone to the beauty and fascination of nature. I am author of Jessica's Nature Blog [https://natureinfocus.wordpress.com]. I have also extensively researched macroscopic variations in oyster and other edible marine mollusc shells from archaeological excavations as a means of understanding past exploitation of marine shellfish resources. I am an archaeo-malacological consultant through Oysters etc. where I am publishing summaries of my shell research and other oyster related topics [Oysters etc. at https://oystersetcetera.wordpress.com]. Photographic Salmagundi [https://photosalmagundi.wordpress.com] is a showcase of photographs and digital art on all sorts of subjects - not just natural history. The profile picture is an old one - a blast from the past.
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