Oysters etc. is written by Dr Jessica M. Winder. Oysters etc. is also the business name through which Jessica works as a consultant archaeo-malacologist researching and reporting on marine mollusc shells from archaeological excavations.


Jessica also writes Jessica’s Nature Blog. She has a background in ecological studies in both the museum and the research laboratory. She is passionate about the natural world right on our doorsteps & enthusiastic about capturing what she sees through photography.


Logo for Photographic Salmagundi web site by Jessica Winder - P1140305SalmagundiLogocPhotographic Salmagundi is a site with a miscellaneous collection of photographs and digital art by Jessica on all sorts of subjects – not just natural history.



Jessica Winder taking photographs

Jessica M. Winder can be contacted by e-mail at winderjssc@aol.com  


2 Responses to About

  1. Hi! Just bumped into your blog with their fascinating photos of oyster fossils! Wonderful to read. I’m trying to find out what the Ti in Tiostrea means or even Li in Liostrea. Tiostrea oysters seem to have another larval development compared to their ostrea cousins, but why Ti? Can you give me any hints as to why. Would be grateful for any feedback you can provide, Thanks/Nigel

    • winderjssc says:

      Hello, Nigel. Thank you for visiting. I am very sorry that I am not able to help you out with your questions – the subjects are out of my area of expertise. I thought the Li and Ti were Latin prefixes, the meaning of which would provide clues, but I cannot find out if that is correct – my Latin dictionary doesn’t help. Sorry.

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