Flat Oyster shells at Rhossili Bay

A gallery of pictures of European Flat Oyster shells (Ostrea edulis Linnaeus) washed up on the sandy beach at Rhossili Bay in South Wales on 2nd February 2018. Photographed just as they were found, they are all separated left and right shells of mature and mainly thick oysters and exhibit a great deal of variety in colour, shape, wear, and evidence of epibiont (encrusting) organisms and infestation. If you are interested in the subject for archaeological, palaeontological or taphonomic purposes, these oyster shells provide examples of the major types of naturally induced mechanical and chemical damage and alteration. Please contact me if you would like to discuss these specimens or other old oyster shells or shell assemblages.


About winderjssc

I have a background in ecological studies in both the museum and the research laboratory. I'm passionate about the natural world right on my doorstep and enthusiastic about capturing what I see through photography, wanting to open the eyes of everyone to the beauty and fascination of nature. I am author of Jessica's Nature Blog [https://natureinfocus.wordpress.com]. I have also extensively researched macroscopic variations in oyster and other edible marine mollusc shells from archaeological excavations as a means of understanding past exploitation of marine shellfish resources. I am an archaeo-malacological consultant through Oysters etc. where I am publishing summaries of my shell research and other oyster related topics [Oysters etc. at https://oystersetcetera.wordpress.com]. Photographic Salmagundi [https://photosalmagundi.wordpress.com] is a showcase of photographs and digital art on all sorts of subjects - not just natural history. The profile picture is an old one - a blast from the past.
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