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I have been interested for a long time in oyster and other marine mollusc shells from archaeological excavations. I’ve been exploring their potential for archaeological site interpretation. Over the years I’ve written many reports of my analyses – some of these have been published and others remain in archives. These papers are not easily accessible so I have compiled a list of my reports as a starting point for those seeking more information about my research into oysters and other marine mollusc shells from archaeological deposits. My investigations have sought an understanding of shellfish in the diet and economy of communities in the British Isles during the last two thousand years or so. In this post I list reports that have been published and are already in the public domain. In the next post I will list archived reports – some of which are awaiting publication.


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Winder, J.M. (1999) Oyster Shell, in A35 Tolpuddle to Puddletown Bypass DBFO, Dorset 1996-8 (incorporating excavations at Tolpuddle Ball 1993) by Carrie M. Hearne and Vaughan Birbeck. Wessex Archaeological Report No. 15. Wessex Archaeology 1999, p202.

Winder, J. M. & Gerber-Parfit, S. (2003) The oyster shells in Middle Saxon London – excavations at the Royal Opera House 1989-99, Gordon Malcolm and David Bowsher with Robert Cowie, MoLAS Monograph 15, Museum of London Archaeology Service, ISBN 1-901992-32-2, pp 325-332.

Wyles, S. F. & Winder, J. M. (2000) Marine Mollusca in Excavations at Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, 1921 – 1996 by C. J. Young. Wessex Archaeology Report No. 18, Wessex Archaeology 2000, pp184 – 188.

About winderjssc

I have a background in ecological studies in both the museum and the research laboratory. I'm passionate about the natural world right on my doorstep and enthusiastic about capturing what I see through photography, wanting to open the eyes of everyone to the beauty and fascination of nature. I am author of Jessica's Nature Blog []. I have also extensively researched macroscopic variations in oyster and other edible marine mollusc shells from archaeological excavations as a means of understanding past exploitation of marine shellfish resources. I am an archaeo-malacological consultant through Oysters etc. where I am publishing summaries of my shell research and other oyster related topics [Oysters etc. at]. Photographic Salmagundi [] is a showcase of photographs and digital art on all sorts of subjects - not just natural history. P.S. The current profile picture was taken in 2015 at Whiteford Sands in Gower where I am kneeling to take pictures of an ancient buried tree trunk emerging from the peat for the first time after submersion by rising sea levels about 6000 years ago.
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2 Responses to My publications on archaeological oysters etc.

  1. Ken Collins says:

    I have just read your chapter in “Molluscs in Archaeology” and if you are based in Dorset/Hampshire would like to meet you. My interest, dating back to the 70’s, is in living oysters, but was moved to buy the book because of my connection with the Mary Rose Trust and awareness of oyster studies associated with the wreck.
    Best wishes Ken
    Senior Research Fellow & Diving Officer
    Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton SO14 3ZH

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